Fuoco nel fuoco

I remember the first time I see you … still think it was a great dream.
I do not know if you even remember it … but for me, it was the most wonderful day of my entire existence.
I remember your smile when you hear my voice … that ignited the fire inside me, you are my fire … Fire with fire…
For me you are the sea, you are my only truth. My reason to continue…
And my soul is getting used to my sadness…
You have never importuned me. You know that. That would have to importune myself, because you are part of me.
That morning I woke up crying. As always. I do not even know if I was sad. Along with the tears, my emotions had been sliding somewhere.
That’s because she’s gone. Because I’ve lost her. There is nothing else I want to see.
No one saw us that evening, hand in hand together… No … why do you have to be so far from me? I’ll never understand. Why do I have to live here, and not with you, my sweet princess.
I want you… I love you. And sometimes, you love me, in my dreams…
I take you with me always, through all continents and all emotional states, as the ideal of the perfect illusion, as the supreme symbol of love.
I don’t listen to anyone else. It was as if there was no one in this world.
How could I not love your big beautiful eyes.
Because the only sensible ending for a not endearing meeting, is the meeting.
Your voice remains clearly in my ears. “I wish the dream was reality and reality was a dream”, I think, but it is impossible.
My soul is not satisfied with losing you.
I just need to see you, talk to you, smell you once in my life.
Love is so short, and forgetting is so long.
Do you still feeling some emotion when you write me? Because I feel that you do not feel any.
That is why, when I woke up, I’m always crying. Not because I’m sad. Is that, when I return to reality from a happy dream … you’re not here … only the ashes of a fire in my heart.
All I want now is that this is the last pain you cause me …
I will not pay attention to the form or the content of your words, just the way you say them. I want to see you speak. I want to see you hear. I want to see you breathe.